In here the experts and Air Conditioning Engineers Burton on Trent have chalked down the air conditioning mistakes that you must avoid.

Avoiding these common mistakes and making some simple adjustments can not only make your home AC unit perform better but also increase the machine’s longevity.


  • You are not cleaning your AC Unit properly

Just like all other electrical home appliances the Air conditioner unit also needs to be cleaned. And, what more is most of the Air condition unit used in the house are expensive high-end ones.

This is why maintaining a regular and proper cleaning regime is so important.  When cleaning the unit make sure that you are cleaning the air vents and the air filters properly


  • You are not replacing the air filter timely

Although cleaning the air filter helps in making the machine function better and allows you to enjoy crisp clean air yet; it is recommendable to replace the old air filter with a new one twice a year.


  • You are not taking proper care of the AC

Water leakage, warm air, loud rattling noise and overheating- all these are common systems which indicate the air conditioner unit is not in good condition.

Is your AC Unit leaking out water all of a sudden? You must know that these types of leakage happen when the air filter is clogged up or there is misplacement inside the unit. When such common symptoms arise you must take action immediately to sort it out.


  • You are not having your AC unit serviced annually

When was the last time you had your AC unit serviced?  It is recommended by experts to have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. And, turns out the best time to schedule for the unit’s maintenance service is during the beginning of the spring season.


  • You are not taking advantages of the AC unit’s functions and settings

Did you know your AC unit has a ‘swing’ function to speed up the air circulation in your room? It is in fact and most the home AC units come with this function. By swinging the air vent way up high you’ll be able to enjoy better air circulation.


  • You are not implementing cost-saving strategies

Switching on a ceiling fan speeds up the air conditioners performance of cooling down your room and programming a thermostat to automatically shut down the AC when not in use is one smart way to cut down your utility bill.