Foot and ankle injuries are common occurrences if you are into sports or you jog. However, just because it’s common, it does not mean that you can’t take some steps to minimize the risk of occurrence of foot and ankle injuries. According to specialists at the Foot Surgeon London, The following are the steps that you can take to prevent or minimize foot and ankle injuries.


Warm-up before any sports and exercises

You should do some warming up for 2-3 minutes before you start to do exercise or sports. Avoid using a bouncing motion while stretching because it can cause injury to ligaments in your legs.


Gradually increase the activity

Don’t try to do any of the exercises or sports too much in the beginning. You can’t be an expert within a day or two. The worse thing is you may end up having an unwanted injury to your feet or ankles. So, try to gradually increase the intensity of the level of sports activity you undertake.


Choose athletic shoes suitable for your foot type

People have different foot shapes and sizes. So each individual should choose shoes specifically designed for their feet. Those with pronated or low arched feet should buy shoes that provide support in both the front of the shoe and under the arch and the people with high arched or stiffer feet should choose shoes with more cushion and a softer platform. Even though cross-training shoes are good options to choose, it is best to use sport-specific shoes.


Replace worn-out shoes

If you are running regularly, you should replace your shoes every six months or when you notice the treads or heal have worn out. This will decrease your chances of feet and ankle injury from trip and fall


Avoid uneven surfaces to run on

Be careful on uneven rocky terrain or hills with loose gravels. Holes, tree stumps and roots can be problems for those trails- running. So, you should try to avoid those places and pick a track with good even surface. That said, if you are racing, make sure you train on the type of surface you will eventually train on.


Take care when running on hills

Running uphill can take a lot of effort and is really a great workout. But you should gradually build your capacity for this to avoid injuries. Take more care when running downhill because if done fast, it can often lead to injuries.


Pay attention to body signals

If you feel any pain in your ankle or feet during a sport, stop doing it or modify the activity so long as the pain doesn’t subside. If you have an injury, you should give yourself time to heal and train before doing the sports again to prevent recurring injuries.


Summing up, the tips above should help prevent or minimize the injuries to your foot and ankle if they are followed properly. However, if you do sustain an injury, you must consult a reputable specialist like Foot Surgeon London.