By implementing the vision inspection system the manufacturers are now able to consistently produce products which meets the levels of expectations of the evolving customer base and doing so enables the business in the long run.

In here, we have briefly discussed the main purposes of vision inspection system and how it provides the desired quality assurance to the manufacturers.


  • Achieve The Desired Quality Assurance

There is a very little that cannot be achieved with automatic vision inspection system. Previously, manufacturers used to rely on the manual system of inspecting manufacturing process and production line but in the long run the manual process proved to be less reliable and costly one.

The automatic vision inspection system in fact outperformed all of the major limitations of manual process and proved to be the most accurate and cost effective method of achieving the quality assurance to the manufacturers.

  • Full Inspection Of The Production Line

In the today’s technologically advanced manufacturing world implementing the vision inspection system has helped manufacturers to gain almost 100% production inspection result.  With the automatic vision inspection implemented manufacturers are able to achieve 100% end of line inspection, 100% surface inspection for all types of defects and also 360 degree inspection for getting the desired quality assurance.

  • Optical Character Recognition

Optical character recognition or OCR is one of the many inspections important in the manufacturing process. And, in this case the OCR is one of the major part already included in some of the advanced in-line automatic quality vision inspection systems such as that of the inspection system designed and developed by the Harford Control teams. By implementing the inspections system it is now possible to verify that the printed data is legible and correct.

  • Pattern Matching

The advanced automatic vision inspection system comes with integrated 2D and 3D laser line scanners and by implementing such system a whole realm of tasks can be completed. Starting from verifying the packaging or labels on the product, inspecting correct packaging, sensing products to measuring 3D object there is hardly any task which cannot be accomplished by the vision inspection system.


The vision inspection system when implemented correctly ensures improved quality control and high speed production and also ensures that the manufacturers are able to meet the quality control requirements in the most accurate and cost-effective way as possible.