A theme park combines shops, games, entertainment, food, and beverages to provide an incredibly amusing experience to its visitors. There are different kinds of theme parks all across the globe and some of them are really fun to be in. In this article, Handy shares the best theme parks you need to visit in the US.   


The Parks

Some theme parks that you should visit are listed below:


1. Disneyland: Anaheim, California- Who wouldn’t like to meet their favorite Disney characters, enjoy various entertaining rides, taste delicious park treats, and witness the astonishingly beautiful exhibition of fireworks every night under the same roof? That’s Disneyland: Anaheim for you! It is the only theme park that is designed under the direct supervision of Mr. Walt Disney. You should not miss paying a visit to this theme park if you want to spend your day amidst a lot of fun.


2. Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando- Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando, is a must-see theme park for any film enthusiast. The park remains open from 8 AM to 10:30 PM and is themed on various classic films. The eight theme lands- Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lake, Grand Avenue, Animation Courtyard, Toy Story Land, Municiberg, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and Sunset Boulevard offer stage shows, views of the Magic Kingdom and 3-D motion-simulated space flight. You can enjoy a variety of delicious food inside the park as well.


3. Noah’s Ark Water Park: Lake Delton, Wisconsin- Noah's Ark is America's Largest themed Water Park that features over 80 family activities to enjoy. The Scorpion’s Tail, Black Anaconda, and Tadpole Bay Kiddie Play Area are some of the most enjoyable things to experience in this waterpark that you shouldn’t miss. The park has the most waterslides in Wisconsin Dells! Among the other attractions, there are a wave pool and a lazy river, and newly introduced "Raja - The World's Largest King Cobra" waterslide. Everything from pizza and burgers to salads, desserts, and homemade candies are available there to satisfy your cravings too. 


4. SeaWorld: Orlando, Florida- Whether you want to enjoy exciting roller coaster rides, witness and soothe your sight with splendid sea life, or even swim with dolphins, you can go for it all in SeaWorld: Orlando, Florida. This theme park is also a certified autism center, so it’s very safe for kids. From Penguins to Sharks, Sea turtles to whales- to witness the beauty of the marine, it can be the perfect place for you.


5. Santa’s Village: Jefferson, New Hampshire- In this fun-filled holiday-themed park you can enjoy the spirit of Christmas all year long.  You can experience the charm of the North Pole even when it’s mid-July by riding antique cars, a Christmas train, and rides like the Chimney Drop and elf Flying School. During the summer (from late May and on) you can even enjoy a trip to the water park.



Handy suggests you try to visit theme parks during the evening-time. There are usually shorter queues at the park during the nighttime. To witness and enjoy occasional fire-work exhibitions and lighting-decorations, the evening/nighttime is the best as well